We got off the train, looked around and immediately we were disappointed. We expected fear, darkness, shot doors and some crawls, of course. Unfortunately, everything seemed quite normal in Cinkota, the hometown of the first Hungarian serial killer. At least, it seemed normal at first glance…

It was a sunny Friday afternoon, when we decided that it’s time to work on our next mystery project about the famous serial killer, Béla Kiss. Although almost a century passed by since the murders were discovered, this case seems to come up again and again ever since, not just in mainstream media but also in criminal-psychology studies.

Béla Kiss  killed a minimum of 7 women and a of maximum 21 women . Kiss didn’t bury the corpses like some other serial killers might do. No, he put them into his self-made tin barrels and lined them up on his yard. Just to look at them every single day.bádoghordók

Of course, like we already know from the movies, non of the serial killers just wake up in the morning and decide to kill a few dozen people. They possibly  have some mysterious and sometimes quite obvious triggers; an alcoholic parent,, in this case it was an unfaithful wife. But Béla Kiss didn’t have just any unfaithful wife, he had the worst of all. His young wife didn’t even bother keeping her relationship with a musician a secret,  soon the whole village made fun of Kiss, who, understandably, didn’t take it too well.

It was in December of 1912, when Kiss’ wife and her lover disappeared from Cinkota. Everyone thought they ran away together, so the maidens of the town immediately started visiting our dear Béla in hope of a good marriage. Rumour had it  back then Béla Kiss was a really popular bachelor among young women. With his blonde hair and blue eyes he seemed to be a real heart-breaker, mainly if you like men with ridiculous mustaches. There was only one tiny problem. Young women, seen around Kiss’ house,  disappeared most of the time. Meanwhile there were more and more barrels showing up on the yard. And they were not filled with gasoline, for sure.

Even after the disappearances, no one found Béla suspicious, so volunteered as a soldier in the 1st World War. Luck  would have it for Kiss , that when his murders were discovered by a neighbor he was long gone. The only problem was, that no one knew, where exactly he went. Some people believed  that he had died, but because of the chaotic war-time bureaucracy, the police could never find his body, and there was a possibility that he switched his papers with somebody and ran away to another country.

Of course public opinion at the time didn’t really believe that he had died at war, so even 20 years later news came back to Cinkota, which claimed that Béla Kiss was spotted in New York, London and almost every other big city in  the world.

After collecting all this information about the case, we were really excited about what we would find in Cinkota. On the train we came up with weirder and weirder fantasies about the barrels, the house and even of the secret son of Béla Kiss who continued the murders. We even took into consideration, what if the owners of the house didn’t know about the whole thing and we would totally freak them out with the story.

The first problem, we had to solve was, that the names of the streets changed a bit in the last 100 years, so we had to ask someone for the right direction. The obvious choice would have been a really old lady, you know, that gossipy type, who is standing at her house’s fence every hour of the day, and knows everything about everybody. The woman, we found, was old, that’s for sure, but unfortunately she couldn’t remember much of the case. At least she showed us the way to the house, so we continued our mysterious field trip, like we were in a Scooby Doo cartoon (although Roze insisted that she wanted to be Sherlock Holmes).

The house we arrived to didn’t seem scary enough, so we just couldn’t believe, that we reached our destination.  It wouldn’t have been worthy of true detectives if we gave up, so we bothered another innocent man with our silly questions. The man led us to another, grumpy old lady, who was probably watching her favorite TV show when we showed up at her door,  because she was not moved by our happy, smiling faces at all.

But the news she told us made us just as grumpy as she was. As it turned out, our murder house was long gone. And what’s more outrageous, it wasn’t a ghost house or a museum which keeps the memory of the first Hungarian serial killer alive. No, it was a

We couldn’t have been more devastated. Of course we went there, hoping that we would still find a barrel at the backyard of the shop or something, but all we found was some garbage bags, and they weren’t even filled with corpses!

Although we were really disappointed, as we were walking back to the train station, we also felt a little proud. Let’s be honest, if the killer still had been running around in Cinkota we would have caught him with our pure professionalism. So be aware, murderers of the world, Rozemarijn, Illés and Juli may start their own private investigator business soon!   sorozatgyilkos_2_bp_blogspot_com_2014


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