1001 Arabian Nighs

Urania FilmszinhazI really like to go to the cinema. Sitting down in these big, fluffy, comfortable chairs, leaning back when the Trailer-Shows start. Judging afterwards, how the story was, which actor performed best or how we liked the soundtrack. Ok, I have to admit: Sometimes I am a bit of a Film-Nerd, discussing even about camera shots. But still, cinema gives me a feeling of relaxation, happiness and I guess, a bit of a feeling  of home.


No question that one of the first things I had to to in Budapest was to go to a cinema. To find one was not a problem: Just walk through the streets and watch out for movie-posters – and soon you will find out that the word you have to look for is „Mozi“. The „Mozi“ my friend and I decided to go to was the Urania. It seemed to look nice from the outside with its small windows framed by columns. So, we just googled which film we could watch there and decided for Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen. Not because we are the biggest Woody Allen fans. Actually, I did not really have a clue what this movie would be about. No, just because we thought there is a good chance that this film will be in English.


So, we met in the evening. Actually, I was expecting some shabby little screen with a couple of uncomfortable chairs and a projector which is not working properly. At least this is what you can expect most of the times when you go to a small cinema in Germany. But this seems to be totally different in Budapest.


Entering the Urania gives you the feeling as if you’re a princess in 1001 Arabian Nights and not an Erasmus Student trying to survive in Budapest. The blue walls are covered by oriental patterns, a big candelabra is hanging from the ceiling. Everything is decorated with squiggly lines, everything’s in gold, everything’s impressive. I was – to be honest – kind of speechless. And of course, expecting an Arabian prince to walk around the corner. He didn’t appear, unfortunately. Instead, my friend and I managed to buy our tickets for the film and we waited to enter the screen.


I knew by then that I don’t need to fear a shabby room or uncomfortable chairs. At that point, I was already a big fan of the Urania. But I still think that the screen is even better than the entrance hall. A golden dome is over your head when you watch a movie in the Urania. Two big mirrors at each side give you a new perspective while watching the movie. I sat down in the fluffy, red chairs, felt really happy to have discovered such a place and was even kind of sad when the lights turned off.


And the movie? Well. Till the last moment we weren’t even sure if it really will be in English or if we would have to stand 98 minutes of Cate Blanchett mumbling in Hungarian. But when the first words of the subtitles looked like something like „möfötgihögötüfätazöf“ to us, we were sure that we made the right choice. I liked the movie. But right now I guess that I would even like a cheesy romantic comedy while sitting under the golden dome in the fluffy chairs of Urania.

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