The number of my life


I don’t believe in numerology, which suggests numbers have meanings. But then I realized there is a number which belongs to my life in Budapest and it has serious meaning. This one has unnoticeably filtered into my life, and formed my thoughts. This number is 16. It belongs to a bus line, which stops at beautiful places in the city centre. It starts from  Deák square, through the Chainbridge, the National Library of Széchenyi,  Buda Castle to the cultic Moszkva square. This line became a part of my life in Budapest: the time that I spend with my loved ones, the sunny mornings, the funny nights, happy and sad moments.


I discovered the line 16, when I met with my former boyfriend, Máté. The bus station is under his apartment’s window, and if you look through this window you can see the beautiful Mátyás church. When I look back at those mornings (when I went to school from there), they were always sunny and pretty mornings nice because of this bus line. We called the line 16Castle-bus”, but when the BKV (Budapest public transport) was testing the newest Mercedes buses on this line I named them „spaceship”. Those buses were like a spaceships in my imagination: funny shaped, with weird seats and working without noise. Of course, they were damaged by the cobble stones in four weeks, and then the old, but well known vehicles came back to the picture.


I met with my favorite bus driver on this line. During the whole ride he was always speaking about the history of the attractions, or telling some funny story about the city. The passengers turned off the music, hung up their phones and were only listening to the driver.

But there were sad parts of my life, which also belong to the bus’s story. First of all, I got my last kiss from Máté and the first BKV penalty on this bus. Then, when I was sitting on the bus my Mom called me that Dad had been in the hospital with a serious injury and he wasn’t able to work for a while. I was crying on the bus after a long day, which I spent in the library, and the deadline of the degree work seemed to be the smallest problem. But in the end I finished my thesis, my Dad has recovered, and the Posta has never delivered the penalty fine.


Meanwhile, I discovered my favorite balcony with green window frame from this bus. It belongs to a yellow house and it has wrought-iron barrier. I always wonder who lives in that apartment and who owns such a beautiful balcony. Maybe a little family, who decorates the balcony with twinkle lights during the wintertime. Or maybe an old man, who waters the flowers he plants in springtime, and sits in the black chair. Thanks to this balcony I also got closer to a really special person. He became  one of the most important people in my life, who is helping and supporting me anytime I need.


I’ve met the most beautiful blue-eyed lady and the nicest smiles from the tourists on this bus, too. I realized that a couple of books can start a conversation with a complete stranger. He told me how he had became a journalist of a daily newspaper from a bored economist, and at the final station he reminded me to follow my dreams. Listening to my Mom’s stories about her first love, or drinking the first sip of wine to celebrate my degree, all these memories belong to the “Castle-bus”, to number 16. Now, I don’t travel daily with the bus, because I don’t have a boyfriend who lives in the castle district, or a degree work to work on. But when I have a bad day I just get on the bus and I’m always amazed how beautiful the city is.

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