BBQ in Hungary = 100% fun 100% weight-gain

It’s that time of the year again. Birds are chirping, we wear less and less clothes and BBQ season is just about to hit us. May I ask what came to your mind first, when I mentioned BBQ? A nice steak, a beer, a hamburger maybe? Forget it, it’s Hungary we are talking about here after all! Santa Claus comes twice, Easter is about sprinkling girls with siphons of water. Things just can’t be ‘normal’ here, some controversial stuff must happen. Read it, try it and share your experiences in the comment section below! I remember I was in Japan for only 2 weeks. Last night of summer camp, and our mentors decided to make a huge campfire, so we could ‘roast’. I prepared my slice of bread, held the roasting stick and sat there waiting. Then they brought me some white candy, known as marshmallows. Seriously? Roasting a candy? I was so damn disappointed! That was when I first realized that the ‘Hungarian way’ might not match the international way.wonka First, go to the butcher. Ask for the greasiest, fattiest ‘szalonna’ possible. The more disgusting the better. Then pay a visit to the bakery, buy a kilogram of white bread (now it’s not the time to count calories). Then buy 3 heads of red onion, tomatoes, yellow paprikas. Cut the szalonna in rectangle shapes, cut some X on top of them and stick each of them on a roasting stick. Don’t forget to slice the veggies. All set? Find a place to light a fire, if I’m not mistaken it’s possible at Margit-sziget.nyársalás My mom swears by the ember, but I prefer the fire itself to roast. This question is like crunching or folding the toilet paper – you decide. Hold your szalonna on top of the heat, and wait a few seconds… Fat will start dripping out of it, onto your slice of bread. When the whole slice is covered (or soaking) in fat, just pour paprika powder on top with a bit of red onion and enjoy being in Hungary. For an accidental stomach ache? Pálinka is the answer. ‘Nyársalás’  is the Best. Thing. Ever. nyársalás – Fruzsina KATONA

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