Sputnyik vintage shop.

,, The pieces have to have character ” – Szputnyik Shop on secondhand clothes


Do you remember the times when you used to have mixed feelings about secondhand shops? We did not understand what our mothers saw in clothes once own by others, however, with the shockingly identical products of fast fashion brands, unaffordable designer items and low quality replicas, we finally live the era of appreciated quality secondhand. A good example is Szputnyik Shop, one of the most popular downtown fashion stores, who besides used also happen to sell unique new clothing. We asked them on the phenomenon of secondhand and on how they see themselves on the evergrowing market.


What would you say is the main manifesto of your company?


Szputnyik Shop is a fashion concept that was born as a mixture of old and new, romantic vintage and provocative, modern styles. An astonishingly unusual spot in the Hungarian fashion field, where everyone can easily find the clothes most fitting to one’s character and style.

Why discriminate between styles? That’s what makes fashion exciting, combining characteristic pieces to make up something new!

The idea is to offer an exciting mix of vintage garments and accessories both for men and women side-by-side with contemporary designs, all for affordable prices. The brand is not that important but the pieces have to have character! Good quality is essential too; everything has to be in best condition. Be above the trends, we’d say.


Who would you say is your target audience?


The typical „Szputnyik-customer” Hungarian or foreigner should always be open, interested, must have an obsession for unique and extreme clothes and should not be afraid to reveal his/her personality through his/her outfits. After all, true style never goes out of fashion.


Throughout the years our stores became real destinations for stylists, costume designers, photographers and those keen on uniqueness. We are happy to have several Hungarian theatres among our regular customers, and that many of our clothes have appeared in different motion-picture productions.


Where do you get your vintage and second hand clothes from, and how do you decide on the pieces?

You can find vintage clothes in our stores from all over the world. They are chosen out of thousands of other pieces with special care. Sometimes we travel just to get a hold of a specific piece, and we keep our eyes open for unique vintage clothes in Hungary too. We often find treasures in flea markets also.


Second hand and vintage clothing has become very popular in Hungary recently, bringing with it a rising competition between second hand and vintage stores. Why do you think your company is so successful?


First of all, we have to differentiate between shops that sell second hand clothing. Most of these chain shops put these clothes out for sale without selection, mending, and cleaning. There is no concept behind it. With us, the whole thing starts with hand picking characteristic and interesting clothes, and we only include pieces that fit our fashion concept. After the selection, comes the cleaning and mending process. This is very important, as quality is essential at Sputnyik.

Collecting second hand and vintage clothes is a way to preserve our history and culture in the form of fashion. Our goal is to offer our customers unique pieces, which they wouldn’t find anywhere else. The combination of vintage and modern clothes can lead to exciting and unique self expression.

It is important to for our shop to stay unique and original within the Hungarian fashion sphere, therefore our company strives for constant innovation, creative ideas, and proactivity. Our success is confirmed, as we are moving to a bigger shop to accommodate our new finds. Our address however is the same, as the shop areas are in he same buildings. Starting from mid April, our shop is going to be home to 300 square-meters of unique style instead of 130.

We have also started to collaborate with costume designers and theatres. We do see Szputnyik as more than just a chain of shops, since the spirit we represent has countless dimensions: as i have mentioned, we collaborate with costume designers and theatres, we started a T-shirt design contest, we organize photo exhibitions, fashion shows, we are present on WAMP (the Hungarian design fair), on Design Week, and Sziget (one of the main festivals in Central Europe) as well. We try to remain colorful and open, advertising the world of Szputnyik on a wider range.


More info:

  • Szputnyik shop /// D-20

Budapest VII., Dohány utca 20.

Business hours:

Mon-Fri: 11.00-20.00
Sat: 11.00-18.00
Tel.: +36 1 321 3730


  • Szputnyik shop /// Bazaar

Budapest IX., Bakáts tér 8.(Tompa utca 1.)

Business hours:

Mon-Fri: 11.00-19.00
Sat: 11.00-15.00
Tel.: +36 1 215 3475


  • Szputnyik shop /// Szombathely

Szombathely 9700, Kossuth L. u. 4.

Business hours:

Mon-Fri: 9.30-17.30
Sat: 9.30-13.00
Tel.: +36 30 256 7776












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