From one hand to the other

We are a few girls who intended to present you the phenonmenon second hand. So this article should introduce you to the history and development of second hand and why people are fascinated by it.

First of all – what is second hand? Well, it´s stuff no longer wanted by its owners and sold to a second user who hopefully will have a second good time with the product. It can still be in the same condition or worn and used. As some of us may remember, in the old days we got our clothes from our the brother or  cousin. Then our mum delighted us with a “new” over-sized pullover or with a  teddy bear and we were just… well ….happy?  But nowadays people have a much  smarter idea! Why not get money for our clothes which are not worn anymore and buy  something else that we really like and make us and others happy? It´s a really common idea these days… But actually it´s not a new idea…

It was  used in the renaissance period when servants sold the clothes of their masters to peasants.

It began with a trip by people with  clothes. Maybe even to another continent. And on it´s journey it took a package of culture, emotions, experiences with it,similar to  today. Every single piece on it´s own. Perhaps it´s a dress belonging to a mother which she wore on her engagement, maybe the most hated pullover of a child in  kindergarden already marked with glue spots. Such pieces makes you think, fantasizing of another life in another time, another country, another culture.

It took it´s course during the time when clothes were easier to produce. The people would like to change their looks more often and therefore they needed money. So they purchased their old clothes. Especially in America, Canada and Westernn Europe.

As far back as the 19th century  New York’s wealthy citizens got tired of there peltcoat and they sold it… But there are not only these  reasons. Also reasons of humanity or ecology played, and play a role today. People wanted to offer resistance to the consumption. As well as  the world war. People learned to do things on their own way and to be creative. So there became a nice sunday dress for the daughter from the fathers coat. Or an old pullover was made into a scarf . Especially in the Flower Power times of the 60s reasons of consumption made people turn to second hand. Also used by celebrities such as the Beatles. Times when poor  people were buying their clothes in second hand shops were over.

In the 80s the fashionable reason got most important. Second hand fashion was the chance to be individual, to mix different styles, even to mix male and female clothes. Nowadays in the 21th century while big labels like H&M, Zara etc. get the superiority of the fashion market people like to be individuals and to express themselves by fashion. And that´s why second hand shops are needed. Because what is more interesting than fashion and the individual style?


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