Life Inside A Dormitory – to live, or not to live?

A dormitory is not just cheap accommodation,  it’s like a small city with its own lifestyle. I am living in the Kőrösi Csoma Sándor dormitory in the 11th district since September. I moved in with my doubts, seeing as I am a very messy person who has more clothes on her chair than in the wardrobe by the end of the week. Moreover I spend at least one hour in the bathroom every morning and evening; and no space is enough for my stuff. Well, I must confess I’m not the perfect roommate at first glance.

I arrived to an empty room on the 2nd of September and I spent freshmen’s week alone in the room. Of course I tried out all of beds at night, because I couldn’t decide which one was the best… I was glad that the directors had organized a freshmen’s week for us, so I didn’t have to spend the first week alone in my room. I was always bad at making new friends, so I was worried at first but here everybody was so nice that it was hard not love them all. In time, I became a member of a club. We have weekly meetings, where we discuss the programs for next week; we cook delicious food for the hungry students and organize parties like “Shit songs crazy night”.

My roommates never understand why these extra duties are good for me. They only see them as the “wasted” hours I spend drawing posters to popularize our cooking, or cleaning the club room. But when the party time arrives they just stay in our room while I hang out with a very loud, funny and never tired gang. And in my opinion the best thing you can do in our dormitory, is definitely being a member of a club. Since the biggest event, an the end of April, the “Budaörsi Napok” – the dormitory fest –  is competition based between clubs. Honestly, we don’t do anything competent, it is all about who can make the biggest fool of him or herself. You find out a topic for the club, and everything you do is under it’s auspices. Just as an example, we were KOLIWOOD this year, so we wore pink shirts, we organized weddings in a Las Vegas style and we made a Walk of Fame.

bn jelöltek

At the end the winner gets a very big paper key which symbolizes, that the dormitory is theirs. Of course dorm fest is not only about entertaining us; there are bands and DJs every night.

flour bn

During these big events, finding some soap in the public bathroom nearly brings more joy than  finding beer in the sale. Well, almost…

In only nine months I became a tidy and organised person, who now only spends twenty minutes in the bathroom. My club mates became my second family, and at this stage I can’t imagine a better place to live than KCSSK.

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