The Wolf Of Airport Street

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Aside from attending university I have a part-time job at the airport. My official title is ‘ground handling agent’. In detail this means that I check the passengers in, give them their boarding pass, check their visas and board them, etc. This is a very exciting job, as exciting as a 007 agent’s job… okay that was a weak joke, but honestly there is a story to tell for every day at the airport…

First of all, a lot of interesting people pass through from all around the world, and it’s always a pleasure to see a famous actor or singer. Unfortunately, it is against the rules to take pictures of them. Once however, I managed to take one of my favourite handball team; the MKB Veszprém. (Nobody was watching!)

Another time when it was quite a memorable day was when one of the passengers who was due to travel to Manchester ended up going to Dublin. My colleague was unobservant and let him to get on the plane that was heading to Dublin. “But only the worker that makes a mistake is the one who is not working”. It is not always easy to work here. You have to be always at the top and be your best.

The airport always has something in store for me. I will never forget those people one day who were travelling with a wolf. He was so big. I have never seen such a big wolf in my life. Well, the truth is that I have never seen any wolf in my life at all. However, it seemed that there was nothing to worry about as the animal was tame and they had given him some sedatives. They were planning to go to Mexico via Frankfurt, in order to put the wolf into a local zoo there. They may have been planning, but the wolf changed his mind. He broke the door of the cage and came out of it easily. It seemed that the sedatives were not strong enough. He started to run through the security check desk and through everything in his way. No one dared to stop him. Passengers in the airport started to scream and there was a little moment of panic at the airport. But the wolf was not aggressive or dangerous. He was just scared. I think he was even more scared than the passengers. Suddenly his keeper blew a special whistle and the wolf stopped, turned back and sat down next to his keeper’s feet. He was like a well trained dog; smart and obedient. It was unbelievable.

They could not travel to Mexico, because the cage was useless. It seems likely that the wolf didn’t want to be in a cage or in a zoo, and honestly such a smart wolf like this does not belong to a zoo. He deserves his freedom.

There are more and more stories about the Liszt Ferenc International Airport, but it is impossible to tell all of them. One thing is sure, life is always exciting here.


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