‘I got away’ – an interview with a Holocaust survivor


In order to fully understand the interview, we would like to give you a quick overview on the Jewish holocaust in Hungary.

1920 – A law called ‘Numerus Clausus’ was accepted. This law limited ethnicities’ enrollment in higher education, making Jewish people ethnicity.

1938 – ‘The first Jewish law’ as it became known. The law limited the Jewish manpower to 20% on liberal profession fields.

1939 – ‘The second Jewish law’. Reduced the previous 20% to 6%. Plus it classified Jewish as a race, not just a religion.

1943 – ‘The third Jewish law’. Classified everyone with two Jewish grandparents as Jew. It banned mixed race marriage.

In 1944, Hungary was overrun by German forces. Our political leaders wanted no conflict with them so they co-operated with the Nazis. So in 1944 the situation got worse, Jewish people had to face around a hundred edicts which were limiting their rights. The Gestapo constantly raided the streets, harassing and arresting Jewish people. In a few weeks time, forcing Jews into ghettos had started in the country, except for Budapest. There they established so-called ‘Yellow Star Houses’ which weren’t concentrated to a district but scattered in the city. By the end of July, 1944, they had to move to a ghetto or a collection site. The first wave of deportation started in May, 1944. The rapidity of the casting off, organizing and deporting is outstanding in the history of holocaust. Between 1941 and 1945, more than 400 000 Hungarian Jew were killed. Source: Wikipedia – Orsolya TISZAI and Fruzsina KATONA



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