Cooking in Budapest for people in need – Interview

Walking in the streets of Budapest we can many homeless people. Many of them sleep in shelters, while others trí to survive in the streets, they sleep under bridges or in subways. There are governmental and NGO organizations whose aim is to help their everyday life as they can: giving warm food, money, a temporary job or house to stay in during nights.

One of them, called Food, Not Bombs aims to give people in need more than one portion of warm food per day, they try to provide a varied five-course healthy meal. Distribution usually takes place at the Buda side of Petőfi Bridge. Moreover, they are also good at listening.  All the staff of the Food, Not Bombs are good listeners, so what they are doing is not only cooking the mealsm but also to make conversations with or only listen to desperate people who come for food.

The first video below fatures an average Sunday food distribution, and the second one is an interview with two activists at Food, Not Bomb, Zsófi and Ákos, who talk about the international organization and their plans to find new ways to give a better day to everybody who needs it.


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