The Carbonfools – back in town

carbon officialThe Carbonfools was established in 2000, and after many festivals and building up a solid fan base, their first album was released in 2004. Their music is a mix of genres, you can catch patterns of rock, blues, reggae, dub, disco, ethno, and electronic music in their songs.  The current members have been together since Miklós Milán, the bass guitarist joined in 2011.

The The Carbonfools have just returned to Budapest after a European tour and held a season opening concert in the Akvárium club on 10th of April.
Before the concert I interviewed Milán about the life of the band, the European tour and their future plans.

The music you play is very hard to define, put in genres, how would you describe it? Where do the influences come from?

I don’t really like this categorizing in music. All the members bring different musical tastes, which naturally influence their style. Our music can’t be restricted, you can find latin rhythms as well as metal in our music. But it is definitely based on electro.

What are the roles in the band?

Titusz does the 90% of songwriting, since he is the producer as well, so everything goes through him. However, everybody brings ideas and Titusz writes the final songs from it. Balázs and Titusz shoulder to shoulder write the lyrics. But basically, we all influence each other, which is the only way it can work.

Do you have any projects outside the band?

Titusz established G1 Records which publishes our CDs, he is a producer there. Steve is the only one who has a ‘real’ job, so he is the only one who has a chance for pension.  I am a full time daddy, since my baby girl was born.  And Balázs has some projects with other bands and singers.

How did Kelo’s quitting influence the band?

He is a very good manager so he decided to concentrate on G1 Records. Now we are looking for someone to replace him. We met Benedek Hámori , he is a very special guy, this will be his first concert with us. This change influences me the most, since the drum and bass guitar harmony is very important. But after some time, it seems that we will be able to work together very well.

Do you improvise in concerts?

Not really, we have a playlist, based on the newest and the most popular songs. Of course we add or take out songs.  Yet sometimes we are forced to improvise, if something unexpected happens on a concert. For example, if an amplifier brakes down we just can’t stop the music, we have to solve the problem. People in the front rows may know what is happening and understand it, but those who stands in the back and can’t see anything, won’t know what is going on, they just think that we are unprofessional.

You played at almost every festival and in every city of Hungary. Do you have a favorite concert scene?

Every concert is different, and all of them have their own atmosphere. Once we had a concert in a beetle meeting, next to the Tisza-tó on a dam. It wasn’t really advertised and only a few people came. So we expected that this will be awful and at the end it turned out to be one of our best concerts.

How was it like to play abroad?

When we first went to London we were very nervous, but then we realized that we can impress that audience as much as at home. So this time, during the tour it was like down in the country in Hungary. The bad part was that we were terribly tired. We had to travel about 14 hours to the next city, and we didn’t really have time to rest between the concerts.

What are your plans for the furute?

We plan concerts in England and maybe in Germany. These tours need lots of preparation, to make them as successful as it gets.

Your next CD will come out in winter. What is it going to be like?

Amazing, of course! The most of the songs are in planning stage, so I can’t say anything speciffic, but it will have the Carbonfools tone in it.

I can’t wait for it!

Thanks for your cooperation, and good luck with your plans! 😉

akvárium final2




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