Party like you’ve never done before

Confessions are all about secrets or guilty pleasures – so I will tell you mine. There is a party called Szieszta every six months, which is like a flashback into the 50’s. All the girls wear dresses, all the boys are in shirts. We dance in pairs – you know, in vintage style: one boy+one girl. We dance in the styles of the 50’s: cha-cha-cha, rumba, rocky, waltz, salsa etc. The music is also like that: for instance loads of Elvis Presley songs are played. But naturally the main events of this party are the collective dances: Macarena, Limbo and Lollipop. The whole thing is from 7 pm to 2 am, so at the end everybody is totally exhausted but absolutely happy. All of them – all of us – are waiting for this for the whole year.

It’s not really a secret – you can come, if you want. (You find more details here:, next event will be on 25th Oct., at Mathias Corvinus dormitory.) The reason I decided to write this is that before experiencing  Szieszta, I couldn’t imagine such a great party. All the people there – and don’t think they are all grannies, most of them in their twenties – are absolutely average in life. But on Halloween and on Easter Monday, they all put up their pretty spotted dresses and fancy shirts, and party like their grandparents did.

 Gregor Lilla

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