Choosing the wrong way

I’ve never had problems with travelling. If I had to get somewhere and I didn’t know the right way, I checked Google Maps and found the shortest route to that place. But! With a known place I don’t do anything, I just get on the busses, trams, or what I have to take and go. The concentration is the only thing i have problems with. On the one hand I can make myself uncertain in 2 seconds, on the other hand I do things as habits.

Erzsebet_korut_villamosAll of these happened to me on the same day. My parents took the car and I had to use the public transport because I was leaving a little bit later. I was ready so I closed and locked the main door. Got out to the street, walked about 20 meters and I started thinking: ‘Did I close the door? Of course. Or not? Oh, my God, why do I have to go back?’ So I went back to the house, checked the door and realized that I was right, I closed it. Great, I’m already late! Doesn’t matter, my parents are almost there and we have time.

So finally I could leave. The first part of my journey didn’t have any exciting things, but the second part did. A had to take the bus then the underground, after it the tram. This was the tram number 4-6. I love this one, every journey on it is an adventure. So I got on and closed my mind not to hear and know anything about the world around me. I got my phone in my hand and started browsing it.

I didn’t travel too much, I almost missed the station though. I just heard the get-off-signal so I had to run a little bit. (Man, I hate running…) I could get off in time, so I walked down along with the crowd to the suburban railway. I found a great article in my phone, so I didn’t realize, where I really got, so when the train arrived I just got on it, took a sit and waited to get to the next checkpoint. But there was a problem.HEV_Szentendre That cute green worm started to dig under the Margaret Bridge. Nice job! I took the train to the wrong direction. Okay, we have time I don’t have to be nervous. But this is so embarrassing I won’t tell this story to anybody. I arrived at the end station and I had about 8 minutes till the next departure. I decided not to make such a wonderful mistake, so I checked the number of the bus I have to take after the train. It was 34, great. I will remember it. The train left (fortunately I was on it) and about twenty minutes later I got on the bus that took me to the place I should have arrived a half hour earlier.

Everyone asked me where I was and I said them: ‘I just came away from home too late.’ I’ll never tell anybody this story…

György Jakal

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