Mind the gap between a native and a foreigner

gossip-300x296A beautiful day. The sun was shining and a delightful breeze were in the atmosphere. “Time to go out”- we said. Me and my best friend strolling around Budapest-the greatest thing that could happen to us. We were so excited for being here, we wanted to see every corner of Budapest. But the most exciting and funny thing, was that we could speak our mother language every single moment. No one could understand us and we were so happy about that.

So as we were wandering through the streets, we were gossiping and chit chatting (in Greek) about everything. It was so funny, we were laughing all the time and we had the greatest moments until…we got into the metro. There was a surprise for us.

As we were standing in the middle of the wagon, we looked around and we started making comments about the passengers. The way they stood, the clothes they wore, the make-up they had. At Opera station a couple came in. It was quite an odd couple, because the girl was so beautiful but the guy was slightly weird. So as a typical type of “mean girls”, we were saying that they didn’t match and all the stuff that everybody says, when they see a jarring couple.

As I looked around, there was a guy standing behind my friend, who was smiling the whole time. I said to her:

– “There is a guy behind you, and he may understand that we are commenting that couple and he is smiling ALL THE TIME.” She took a moment to think about that and she told me:

– “How can he understand us? We are speaking Greek. It’s impossible.” And I responded that he may noticed from our gestures or facial expressions.

Anyway, we continued talking about them and the guy continued to smile. It was really strange until the moment he wanted to get out of the metro. Guess what happened…I pulled aside and he looked at me and said with a big smile on his face: “Ευχαριστώ”- which means “Thank you”. At that moment I looked at my friend, we were both so shocked and the three of us burst into laughs.

Avagianou Maria


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