The Sziget experience



This confession will tell you a story about this years Sziget Festival, which is one of the most important musical events in this country. It takes place in august, it’s a week long and provides everyone a lot of fun time with concerts, different performances and the chance to meet a lot of foreign people. It’s located on an island in the middle of the river Danube, so it makes it even more special.

It was day 3 or 4 of the festival, i can’t recall it exactly and we were heading to the Auchan supermarket, which was ten minutes walk away, just outside the festival area. We do this really often, because the festival prices are so high for us that we can’t always afford to drink or eat something inside. We went in, finished real quick and as we were coming out of the store we noticed that there were a lot of black clouds on the sky. It was certain that in a few minutes it will be raining heavily. But anyway, we decided to sit down at the open-air parking lot and we found a really great spot just under a tree, so we could eat some bread and drink a few beers. In addition to the story, the parking lot was extremely crowded with people doing the same as we did.

Minutes passed and as we expected, the rain came and washed away, well basically everything. At that time, there was only one option left. Go inside the supermarket and find shelter from the rain. It was all good, until most of the people from outside, like 1000-2000 of them did so and ran into the store. As they were all rushing into the store and the supermarket could not accept more people, the crowd started to go crazy and do things, which normally they would not do. I felt a bit uncomfortable at first, but later i realized that there was no reason for panic, despite the fact that a lot of strange things happened inside the store. For example, a few dutch opened the nearest tent next to them, placed it in front of the TV-s and simply moved into it, like it was their home. Later two french and two german guys stole a football goal, and started to set up a match between them, while their friends were skating around them.

As the securities could not handle the situation anymore, they just sat back and enjoyed the insanity. Best proof for that was a very loud voice coming out of the speakers, which informed us, that France is leading one to zero, and Germany could not score any goal so far (after winning the world cup a months ago, i thought it was completely unacceptable for Germany).

At that time everyone was laughing around us, and nobody really cared about the rain or the things they should not be doing. It was like a small riot, with noisy people, without any controll.

Later the rain has gone and most of the people left the supermarket safe and sound so everything returned to its normal state. But it was a lot of fun, and certainly a really great story.

Richárd Hidi

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