Budapest: a city for nerds

Everybody knows that Budapest is a city famous for its many ruin pubs, pool parties and amazing night life. I knew that before I even came here. Actually, I guess it isn’t necessary to make a big effort to discover this.  Budapest is the kind of a city that never sleeps; especially if you live in Wesselényi utca, like me. But I have to be honest: I didn’t go to any of the thousands reception parties for foreign students I was invited to, and I’m also one of the less frequently clients of pubs that my neighborhood has. 

Of course I have been to Szimpla Kert, The Slang Pub, Galéria Pub and other good, recommended, touristic places. But I’m sure I’m going to skip Cinetrip, Balaton sound and so onAlso, the fact that I’m a Brazilian exchange-student doesn’t mean that I’m going to Morrison’s every Thursday night. Some people just prefer to get their kindle and go to a quiet place to read, and I‘m part of this group. Fortunately for those who prefer a low profile lifestyle, Budapest can be the perfect place to live too. 

On sunny days, a place like Citadella is one of my favorite options to have a picnic with friends. The place is gorgeous and it’s nice to see with your own eyes everything you’ve read about it in Budapest guidebooks. In my opinion, that is one of the best spots in the whole city. Great view, fresh air and lots of history. Still, sometimes I really enjoy some unique places to have a tea or a hot chocolate. Which city offers better kávés than Budapest? I thought Paris was the place to find the best coffee in Europe, until I came to Budapest a city with the most charming coffee places I’ve ever been. One of these days, a Hungarian friend of mine, Nora, who knows me well, invited me to one of them – Book Café. When you enter Book Cafe, you see a bookstore and on the backside you find a beautiful place to enjoy some of the best things in life: books, nice food, drinks and someone playing the piano. How good is all that?  

Referring to night life, one of my greatest experiences has happened here. The concert of my dreams took place in Budapest and I was so lucky to be at the right place, the right moment! Do you know that special band that not many of your friends like or even heard about? That band which none of your friends would like to go to their concert with you? At first I couldn‘t believe that that special band of mine was playing in Budapest, at A38 Ha. The place was amazing. A floating ship on the Danube River, which is used as an event venue for really good concerts. So, I went to this beautiful concert house and enjoyed one of the best things Budapest can offer: the opportunity of having any kind of experience no matter what.

Ana Cavalcanti


One response to “Budapest: a city for nerds

  1. Interesting article! It’s really good to know there are such unique places in Budapest. I have missed all of them 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

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