Colored city – Painted firewalls

If you ever say that Budapest is a boring, common, or dull city, you’re absolutely  wrong. Colors are everywhere! Especially on the walls that connect two buildings. These are the amazing so-called painted firewalls.

Do you know what these firewalls are exactly? Have you ever seen any? Maybe you don’t even know, but if you ever walked through any European city full of narrow streets, you have already seen firewalls. Especially if you have been in Budapest. Firewalls are a kind of protection against fire between buildings or separate parts of buildings. That is why they are usually invisible, but sometimes because of different reasons buildings could disappear. Then what is left? Huge, boring, or ugly and definitely empty firewalls, but they do not have to be like that!
There are enormous graffitis sprayed on them, which make the buildings look beautiful and interesting. It is said that when you are in a good mood, you choose to wear colorful clothes. So, when you live in a colorful city, you can not think negatively, it makes you forget your problems. Looking at those wonderful firewalls and that characteristic makes Budapest so special!

Do you want to discover these amazing colours of Budapest? Stay tuned, because we are going to help you with that!


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