Experiencing Art Market Budapest


Art Market Budapest, established in 2011, has become a usual meeting point for contemporary art in Budapest. The Fair’s aim is to introduce the younger generation of galleries to the so-called ‘Young Europe’.

The first thing that we noticed when we visited the fair was its beautiful location – it is located at Millenáris Park in mid-October in Buda. In the park there are several buildings, used for cultural events and other activities. Before entering the exposition hall we unexpectedly got surrounded by large-scale sculptures which where installed in the garden. We were both glad and surprised to discover that the admission was free for everyone. The space was quite huge and all the stands were well-arranged and divided in two sections, the art section, and the one dedicated entirely to Photography.

In spite of the massive presence of galleries, we honestly expected a more international participation for an Art Fair which is theoretically focused on an international panorama. In fact, the main area of interest was the Eastern European, but it still worked good this way, because it was important to be aware of Eastern Europe’s Art. Looking for something that could catch our gaze, we walked through paintings and sculptures, and found ourselves struck in kitsch artwork. We burst into laughter at the sight of the weird assemblage of Rococò tea-cups and tea-pots kept together with rose and turquoise silicone used as whipped cream. All of a sudden we remembered that one of the talks organized by the art fair had already started, so we rushed to the conference hall. We loved the speech about the link between periphery and centre in the international market and the importance of the promotion and the training of professionals in the field of arts.

We left Art Market Budapest drinking a cup of hot wine in the Millenáris Park, with an abundance of images and inspirations in our mind as we chatted about the overall experience. We agreed on the significance of the event, especially for art lovers and students, and increasing its publicity was what we thought most important to reach a wide audience.

So, do not miss Art Market Budapest the next October, a refreshing fair full of potentiality to grow even more.

Art Market


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