My diet is dead!

830 HUF for all!!

When I came here few months ago, I knew that the prices are lower than in my country. Some people had told me that the food is very cheap.

But I couldn’t expect that much! I remember my first day here, we were looking for a place to eat and we decided to go to  Mc Donalds. That’s not really healthy but it’s easy and very quick, if you are a student! When it was the time to pay for our food we couldn’t believe it! It was less pricey than in Belgium!

In Belgium if you want to go to a restaurant, even the cheapest one, you have to spend at least 4500 HUF, and these aren’t the best ones…

Here you can find so good restaurants (not fast food) for less than 2000 HUF! Last week we ate Thai food, two dishes, for 1500 HUF, and it was delicious!

Of course with these prices it’s really difficult to resist to the temptation…

Especially, when you discover the hungarian food: chicken with paprika, dumplings… and of course the goulash soup, which I personally love!

At the subway you can can find food as well. As far as I know that’s where the food is even cheaper! There, you can find delicious slices of pizza for only 200 HUF, which equals about 0,60 euros. In Belgium, as much as you search, you won’t find any place where you can eat, even a slice of bread, for that price!

But I have to say that, as far as I love hungarian food, there are some habits that seem kind of weird to me, as a Belgian girl. Once, I ordered a slice of pizza (in the metro, remember?) to a waiter and he asked me if I would prefer ketchup or mustard with it… I was confused, I thought that I had misunderstood what he said but no… But I’m sure that if a Hungarian comes in Belgium he’ll be surprised by some of our “food habits”, that seem totally normal to me!

I can’t wait to discovered some new hungarian dishes, some new restaurants…

Who cares about my diet, you only live an Erasmus experience once!

And who knows, maybe I’ll try my pizza with ketchup…

Amélie Haot


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