As a peacock in Budapest


It is my turn to confess something about my relationship with Budapest.  There was a lot told already, so I was wondering what could I add to the list, when – all of a sudden – a memory hit me, and then I realised that I should be proud to be able to report on a story form special viewpoint. Can you tell that you have seen a part of Budapest from a perspective of a peacock? Because I definetly can. Once I was at the Duna Pláza ( a mall in Budapest) as a peacock. But let me start this story from the beginning.

I am from another town, that is why when I started my university studies I had to find a new place to live in Budapest. It was not so hard for me at all, because my sister has already lived here, in a little dormitory wich seemed to be gorgeous. And I found not just a place to live, but also my second nut family there with a bunch of crazy people and weird but funny traditions.

One of these is the traditions is called „Farsangi fogócska” wich is a special mix of hare-and-hounds and hide-and-seek that we play masqueraded, in a mall. It is not complicated at all: we all wear flashy costumes and we go to the Duna Pláza together – you can imagine how much fun we caused in the subway – and there is a catcher amoung us, but we do not know who is the one who hunting for us. We have a few minutes at the mall to hide and than the hunting begins.

As a freshman I was really excited about this program, but I was very nervous too. You can imagine, it takes a lot of courage to make foul of yourself in public, in a crowded shopping center fulled with strangers… I  spent the few weeks before the event making my costume and suddenly I was perched behind a cinema poster, the cleaning ladies were staring at me, and it didn’t seem to be fun at all. I was scared. I was wondering why the hell am I doing this? I spent long-long minutes there like this when I finally realised this way the whole game is pointless. I had to play it properly.

 farsangi fogócska_1(Unfortunately I don’t have any picture from that Fogócska, so this is from my second one, there I was a christmass tree)

So I stood up and started to walk. My first steps were uncertain but I decided to enjoy the fact that I was a peacock in the middle of a mall. As I recognised myself in the shop windows it started to be funny. With every step I was more and more lion-hearted, I started acting like a ’normal’ costumer, I found it nice to make other people laugh with my special outfit… All in all I was confidently careless, I was having some real fun at that point when I realised someone was following me.

Than I realsied that guy behind me was actually one older guy from my dormitory dressed as a security guard. Than it immediately made sense: he was the catcher. And I was definetly caught.

Flóra Csatári


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