Oh, Captain, my Captain

I was really surprised when I realized that everybody in Budapest has an Autumn Break; we don’t have this in Spain and I think is the best idea ever (C’mon, a free week during the semester when you can do whatever you want? I will need that when I return to my home!). But in ELTE it was even better because the Thursday and the Friday before the Autumn break we don’t have class neither! So, what will every Erasmus student do with 13 free days? Exactly: to travel.

So one Portuguese girl, two Spanish girls and I (people started to call ourselves “The Portuñolas)” took our backpacks and decided to travel around the Balkans: Albany, Montenegro, Bosnia and Serbia. But, what is the problem that every Erasmus student who wants to travel faces? Exactly: the money. Luckily for us, we knew about an incredible page, Couchsurfing, where you can ask people to sleep for free at their home. We also survived eating salami sandwiches during 13 days just to save some euros, but that is not my point.

I was not planning to tell to my mum that I was doing “couchsurfing” until I came back alive and safe to my home; but something happened and I told her before, exactly when I was in Montenegro, specifically in Tivat, on the seaside. Initially we didn’t plan to stop there, but we were looking for a host in Kotor and a young man answered us saying that he had space for the four of us, but in Tivat, just 15 minutes away from the city so we agreed.

We met him, a man from Israel called Omri, in front of the Regent, a luxury hotel placed in Porto Montenegro, a luxury port, and we started to walk across the port. We have no idea where we were going, we were just following him. One of the first things he said to us was “Ok, I must confess something… I am a captain”. Interesting… he was a captain and we were in a port, It was easy to come up with a conclusion: “Do you have a boat?” I asked.

“No.” He said. Damned! It would be really amazing. “But I am babysitting this one”. He added just in front a huge yacht. WHAAAAT? My eyes were shining and my smile became bigger and bigger.

Photographer: Captain Omri

Photographer: Captain Omri

The story about Captain Omri was that he was hired by an italoamerican-super-magnate (WOW it seemed like Vito Corleone) to take care of that 4 million-euro boat until the end of November, when he will go to Tivat with a bigger boat and took the yacht to the USA. It was a really lonely job: all day by himself on the boat with nobody around. So he started to be a “couchsurfer” –the people who host others –not only to have some company, but also because he felt like Robin Hood, he told us, “approaching things from the rich to the poor”.

We couldn’t believe it! The night before we slept on the floor on a very cold bus station and that night we were going to sleep in a luxurious yacht with five rooms, four bathrooms, three floors, and a huge living room. Moreover, Captain Omri also made us the dinner (no more Salami sandwiches, YUHU!) and we ended the night talking with him under the stars and drinking wine in 60 euros glasses.

A night to remember, with no doubt! Thank you so much, Captain!

Photographer: María Verde

Entrance to the yacht. Photographer: María Verde

Sara Ramos

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