Why the amount of sleepless hours and kilos of an Erasmus student is going to be higher every day

„Whuaaaaa!“ As slow as I can I am trying to open one eyelid to check the brightness in my room. My mobile lies too far away and what is not reachable is not necessary I always say. The same with the bottle of water. Unfortunately there is one problem: I have to pee……..enormously!!! No wonder after three free beers (0,5) and various further ones as „presents“ from others at Morrisons 2 yesterday. My tryings to ignore my need are useless so I get up angry. After half an hour of peeing (more or less) my gigantic bladder finally seems to be empty. Great! Back to bed again. On my way I, of course, don’t miss a look on my mobile. Besides 35 Whats App messages: the time. 11.42???? Shit, my next class starts at 12… Arrgh! Immediatly I start to collect my clothes from the floor… or from the desk…or from the bed…or the lamp. Since my cupboard here in Budapest has the same size as a shoebox I also have to use everything else as a cupboard. Some cold water and a bit of make up in the face, a quick teeth brushing and a banana for the luckily 5-minute run to my faculty is enough to start the day. 12.02: arrival in the classroom. Now one and a half hour of trying not to fall asleep. I am soooo looking forward to my bed!

Foto 04.11.14 14 54 27

Of course it comes to nothing. On the way back I meet Anna. „Hey, I found a veeeery comfy cafe which is not far away. Wanna go there and have a coffee?“ Coffee?? I want to sleep!

Coffee/Sleep, Coffee/Sleep, Coffee/Sleep???

In the end I join her, which is the right decision because the Cafe really is cosy and beautiful. So cosy and beautiful that I directly have to take a picture for instagram. #ilovebudapest #cappuccinofor1,30eur!!!

After a great coffeebreak it’s definitely too late to go to bed again and furthermore I have to do the homework for my hungarian language course. But this is soooo difficult, it’s like a mix of Chinese and Russian for me and as someone who is used to German grammar just not able to understand, although I think that it would be nice if my stay in Hungary has at least a bit to do with Hungary….

Unfortunately the homework must be delayed. The reason? My flatmate baked a cake, which I have to enjoy with her first. So sorry!

Next appointment for today: university sports at 5 pm. „Who is in?“ I ask the others in our WhatsApp-Group. „I’m not.“ „Me neither.“ „Nope.“ Ok, no sports for us today I guess. What a suprise! The alternative?

Foto 24.11.14 10 58 34

„Meeting at 5.30 at the Danube. Sun is shining. Bring beer.“ Good riddance that the sun is shining very often at the moment. Otherwise we maybe wouldn’t have a reason to drink or worse, had to get inside for that. How awful! A sunset and 500 selfies in front of the beautiful chain bridge later, everyone’s hungry. Fortunately the possibilities to get some food are not the least in Budapest. Do groceries in the market hall and cook on our own? Have fast food as pizza, kebab or burger? Go out for dinner in the Jewish quarter? As always, it’s hard to agree on something, but after half an hour of discussion we end up in one of our favourite restaurants: Most. Good food, good prices, a good bottle of wine to share on the table and live music. Nothing could be better in this moment. After dinner, no one seems to be willing to go home soon. „What about a drink at Szimpla?“ Said and done. Szimpla, as one of the many ruin pubs in Budapest offers everything what makes a student happy. A creative location, lots of interesting people from all over the world, good drinks and various events.

But then at around t 1pm we have to decide again: Going home or going further? „My class tomorrow starts at 12, I´m in!“ „Me too, classes at 4pm!“ And me? Tomorrow is one of my three free days in the week so I should be in as well I think.

„Instant?“ Instant!“


Similar to Szimpla a crazy location. Open everyday until 6 in the morning. After 3 hours of dancing under a disco ball that looks like a pig, everybody is tired and a bit drunk. So what are you doing at 5 in the morning if you are tired, a bit drunk and just want to go home? Exactly, searching for something to eat. Luckily the Pizza King is on our way. 200 Forints for a slice of warm, soft and superdelicious fresh pizza. It doesn’t matter what type of Pizza it is or that it never is so tasty if you have it for lunch. In that moment it’s the greatest. As soon as we finished eating, everybody wants to be home as quickly as possible. Most of us can take the tram 4 or 6, which goes all night long. I have a ten minute walk to go, but Anna is with me because we are almost neighbours. So you don’t have to worry, Mum! We agree that our good location next to Kálvin tér and close to the Danube is the short walk worth, not to forget the many memorable drunken conversations on the way. And as far as I can say that, here in Budapest it was never dangerous for anyone of us.

Finally I arrive in front of the flat. Of course I don’t miss the chance to have a little piece of the selfmade cake for the way from the entrance to the bathroom. After three seconds in my bed, I drift off, hopefully dreaming of a new exciting day in this fantastic Budapest, which might start soon because of the lovely craftsmen on the roof…


Hannah Heubel


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