Relaxing in the heart of the city

Yoga – you can’t say you’ve never heard of it. But Jalagati yoga? Think again. A new style of yoga founded in Hungary, we felt like it would be absolutely necessary to share a treasure like this in a busy city such as Budapest. Read on as we visit the Jalagati studio to get our zen on. We spoke with yoga instructor Svilvi, to get a better idea of what this was all about. 


Our first experience at the Jalagati Yoga studio 

Is there a difference between yoga and Jalagati yoga?

Yoga is a widely used phrase. It has several types even between those, which deal with yoga exercises, Jalagati is one of them. Most of the popular yoga trends go back to the traditions, instead of this we rather focus on the present. Jalagati also started from the traditional foundations, but some of them, who regularly practiced, reappaired the excersises and the series of the exercises based on their professional experience. Using the perspective of a rehabilitation doctor, a sports trainer and an athlete, a new type of motion has been created.

What inspired them to create this?

There are some exercises in the traditional yoga, which are not  necessarily healthy for the people of today’s Europe. We live thousands of years after the age of yogis in a totally different cultural and natural environment, on a different climate and we live our lives in a different rythm. Everything is changing constantly and this change is the base of the yoga, the possibility of constantly reformation. The reformation affects on the excersises as well.


Is Jalagati Yoga intended for a specific group of people?

Basically Jalagati Yoga can be everyone’s. Anyone is able to do the excersises- as the intensity of the class depends from the participant- and Jalagati Yoga can be a complete move , a complete training for anyone. For the older generation we created a special type of yoga, this is the so called ‘ Aranyjóga’. This type of the class is rather popular in Szeged. We do not recommend the yoga for children, but of course there are always exceptions.

Can pregnant women do this type of yoga?

They can do the exercises from the 14th week of their pregnacy,but usually we recommend them to do the maternity yoga, which is specially suitable for their status.

Why shouldn’t children do this type of yoga?

Children are continously changing, they have a developing organism. To these changes they collect stimuli from their environment. That is why a yoga class with its slow rythm , can not engage the attention of the childrens, not to mention that the yoga needs concentration. The exceptions who I have mentioned are those children who are professional athletes. For them concentration is not a problem and they are able to understand that the yoga is good for their body and it also offers diversity and relaxation.

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So how are the exercises in the previous class specifically for women?

In the Jalagati yoga for Woman the excersises target to do fine movements on the one hand. On the other hand we focus on the seperate movement of the upper and the lower body, and of course on those areas where the right function of the muscles are important from the perspective of the woman body. These are for examples the abdominal muscle, the joints of the hips or the deep back muscles.

We realized that there was a fixed sequence of exercise during the classes, starting from the hands to the neck and so on. What is the reason for this?

The structure of the class- as you could experienced it- is similar to the structure of any other training: warming-up, main activity and cool down. The sequence of the exercises maintain continuity even if there are exercises in which we are not moving. We took a lots of perspective into consideration such as the participants do the same seriel of exercises even though their training and helth status are different, or during the class,the increase of the heart rate should be right and after the class the sedation of the heart rate should be gradual.

We realized that Jalagati yoga could only be found in Hungary.

Jalagati is an original Hungarian invention. Originally we launched it in Szeged in 2008 and a year later, in 2009, we became available in Budapest, too. We have more and more foreign guests, so soon we can say, we are international.

Is Jalagati yoga suitable for everyday practice?

After a while it is. If someone has never done any kind of sports, or the last time when he /she did was ages ago, we do not recommend to start with everyday practice. Besides there are several people who come everyday – not the beginners- sometimes even twice a day.

So it seems like there is little reason why anyone would be afraid to try Jalagati Yoga. Like Svilvi said, it is for everyone! So take a trip down to Kiraly utca and have a taste of what this new form of yoga is all about.



1070 Budapest, Király u. 51.

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