“I’m gonna pop some tags, only got 20 dollars in my pocket”

It was a gloomy, rainy afternoon in Budapest. I was not prepared for such weather and I really did not want to fall sick, so I seek refuge in a nearby shop. I wasn’t expecting anything from this happenstance, but it turns out that I’ve hit the goldmine.

Oh Budapest, you surprise me all the time.

The store reeks of a distinct musty, vintage smell. Polka-dots, leather, denim, hounds tooth, silk, satin, floral… you can find clothing made of all types of fabrics you ever touched. There’s the bold for the flashy dressers, and the basics for the minimalist. I think I just walked into vintage heaven.

From that day onwards, I became a regular at the store. These shops are the busiest during the random sales events. It seems like the Hungarians are waiting for the appearance of the sales blackboard that reads, “Everything today is ____ Ft”. Hungarian grannies would enter the shops and grab a basket swiftly. Armed with the determination of an Olympic athlete, they would proceed to the racks to hunt for the best pieces.

I can imagine the thoughts running through their heads as they rummage through the piles of clothes.

“Yes, yes, yes. No. Maybe… okay, yes.”

Once during a sales event, I picked out this lovely hounds tooth blazer and started to try it on. As I fumbled with my belongings, I felt someone staring at me…

Uh oh, a granny is eyeing my blazer.

I placed the blazer back on the rack since it was not a good fit and that granny swoop in immediately.

Granny 1. Cherie 0.

On to my next target: a floral satin jacket that was glistening under the light. It’s one of the flashiest jackets in the shop. I locked down my target and move into action immediately. I might just lose the jacket to someone else. It’s a man eat man world, you know?

It fits, bingo!

I strutted to the cashier with my jacket. At least 2 grannies stopped and stared in envy. The lady at the cash register spotted the jacket in my arm and called out to some of her friends to look. Those ladies started conversing in Hungarian while smiling at me… no, the jacket. I paid for my jacket and left the store feeling extremely proud.

Humana Vintage Butik, you are the reason I’ll leave Budapest forint-less.

2014-12-02 14.44.24


Address: Károly krt. 8., Budapest, Hungary

Cherie Yeo

One response to ““I’m gonna pop some tags, only got 20 dollars in my pocket”

  1. Sounds like a real second hand heaven! I also visit vintage or second hand shops while travelling. I blog about second hand, and other things about trying to be sustainable. Nice to have found your blog!

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