Our favourite photo spots in town

As Erasmus students we all know that it’s kind of difficult to handle the many places that wait for you after arriving in a new city. That’s why three of us collected their favourite photo spots here in Budapest, which might be also interesting for those who are not into photography. Not all of them you can find in a tourist book and although these are maybe less famous they are worth to be visited. Check out the following tips if you want to get to know them.


Amélie’s tips

1. The view from the Margaret’s bridge by night


Budapest by night is my favorite moment of the day. I think that lighting are beautiful, they showcase all the famous spots. I wondered what was the best place to take pictures during the night and few weeks ago I’ve found it. From the Margaret’s bridge you can see all of idem spots: the parliament, chains’ bridge, the citadel, the royal palace,… That’s perfect, in one picture you have everything.


2. The Book Café


In Budapest you can find a lot of great café. One of my favorite is this one, the book café. Of course the scenery of it is beautiful, it’s like some palace. But what I really love about this café is that’s one of “hidden treasure” of Budapest. To find it you have to go in a library, go upstairs, walk between few bookshelves and then you find it. If you don’t know it’s there you won’t see it.


 Amélie and Laura’s tips

3. The Gellert Hill and his waterfall



Any tourist in Budapest should have an obligatory stop on Gellert Hill. Certainly the views of the city that are offered from the top of the mountain are the best in the entire city. However, Gellert is not only the mountaintop. On the base of this, almost hidden for those who don’t know the whole mountain, we could find a curious entry. Two imperial eagles (in statue form) watching over a very special “waterfall”. This waterfall is not formed by water, it is formed with moss and vegetation, which over the time have taken very curious forms.You forget you’re surrounded by noisy cars, the city,… You have this feeling that you’re somewhere else. Definitely a very nice place to take a picture and remember the Gellert Hill not only for its top.


Laura’s tips

4. The Taban


In Budapest we can find truly beautiful parks throughout the city. Examples are undoubtedly The City Park or Margaret Island: relax, take a walk or picnic are perfect activities. For precisely this reason, picnic and drinks, there are a nice esplanade between Gellert Hill and Buda Castle. A number of banks, seats and tables seem to invite anyone to join the calm that transmits this park. Needless to say that in autumn this space is really striking. Definitely it compensate to lose a few minutes between visiting Gellert and visiting the Buda Castle to take a photo surrounded by trees, lawns and many, many brown leafs.


5. The City park




And while we’ve been talking about parks and greenery why not continue with them? But this time we will refer to The City Park, no for vegetation or sites that can be found wandering the interior and surroundings, like the Szechenyi baths or the incredible ice rink placed in November to enjoy all (young and old) are also located in the park. The City park offers undoubtedly one of the most interesting photos that we can do on our visit to Budapest. The baths are also obligatory for anyone who seeks to know Budapest, so we can see certainly curious banks that are right on the way to the entrance of these baths, and are perfect to take a picture a few minutes before taking a bath. Several banks painted with bright colors and funny messages seem to expect to be photographed by anyone who passing. The favorite, with no doubt: “We love Budapest”.


Hannah’s tips

6. The Freedom Bridge



One of my favourite places not only to take photos but also to sit on while having a drink with friends is the Freedom Bridge. With its green colour it looks beautiful in front of a clearblue sky. If you are tall and fit enough you should be able to climb up easily and if not you can maybe find someone nice to lift you up. 😉 You can either do selfies or if you’re together with a friend, take pictures from one side to the other. In both cases you will have a great panoramic background including the Gellert Hill, the castle, the Elisabeth bridge and the Buda Hills or the Corvinus University and the University of Technology and Economics as well as the Petöfi Bridge. I prefer the background with the castle in it but both versions can be nice and you should always look for the position of the sun.


7. Fisherman’s bastion


Another spot I really like and which offers a big variety of possible shots is the Fisherman’s bastion. In one of the left towers you can find a little cafe with a nice terasse from where you can take great panoramic photos or my tipp: ask someone to take a photo of you standing on the terasse while your photographer stands at the bottom of the tower. With that you can underline the adorable architecture of the bastion especially if the sky behind you is blue or in the darkness. This spot is also glorious by night because of the great view of the whole city as well as the parliament. You can take a lot of photos along the whole wall of the bastion or out of one of the different little towers. And don’t forget to turn around, because there is another amazing building behind you: the Matthias church.


8. The Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Arts



Last but not least a place I just discovered as a very modern and special photo spot: The Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Arts. Its at the Danube, close to the National Theatre and you can’t miss it because of its shiny changing colours at night. It also has glitter effects, but you must be a really good photographer to get them in your picture. The constantly changing colours offer you a fantastic background for all your pictures and you can try different positions in front of it as well as standing on the bridge next to it. Just go there at night and figure out your favourite position. And don’t be too slow, the colours are sometimes changing very fast.


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