Backdoor communication

The Sun was high on the horizon. It’s white hotness reflected from the surrounding buildings. It was noon, possibily the hottest day in late September, even by local standards.

All the city was emptied. Not a single soul on the far end streets, I walk alone. No birds roaming the skies, just the distant chirring of the cicadas from the nearby fields.
Besides clear and deaf emptiness.

You stand on the top of a swollen and solidified lavaburst from beneath the sea. The black rock rose from the depths, and gave the foundation to a new city, a stronghold.

No matter which way you’re trying to crisscross the narrow cobbled streets, finally you’ll reach the blue edge. By edge, imagine a huge cliff, hundred meters of vertical rock where from you can see the curvature of the horizon.

Mind the contrast of the black stone and the pure white buildings. The stark blue of the cloudless skies.

Pure and solid – like the world and soul of the local people.

You can not escape the mesmerizing view. You need to save the perception, the bodilified stillness of reality. You need to document this fine moment in time, where it seems Nature’s every cogwheel fits together exactly as it was ment to be.

You need to archive this, memorize reality and hope that you can relive it anytime to uplift your spirits from this exquisite moment.


* * *

September again, many years passed.
Huge lively city, thick walls.

Heavy rains and cold. Coldest days, even by local standards.

Boring, way too long hour class in the basement of the university. You only want to leave. Get our belongings together, and head for the corridor. At the end, there’s door to the exit to the ground floor.

Feels like being Orpheus, trying to return from the underworld. You look the slippery steps as you aproach the exit. You grab the handle mechanically. It’s locked.

You look up.
You smile.


For security reasons, the door is locked from 17hours.
Exit next to the bookstore or through the main gate

* * *

I hereby officially grant all rights for ELTE to use my photo – which was downloaded and printed without permission – for any current or future backdoor communication purposes.

Kardos Bálint


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