How did you feel after Jalagati yoga?

After going to the Jalagati yoga class we took a few minute, we stopped for a minute and think about our feelings and our sensation. How did you feel before? How are you feeling now? What was your sensation during the session?

Villo’s thoughts

Writing about a form of exercise from a perspective of a person who despises any kind of exercise is not easy. The task became even harder when I had to actually try this type of yoga that my group wanted to write about. I entered the yoga studio filled with doubt and a paralyzing fear – I was sure that the following 60 minutes was going to be horrible. I have no balance, I am not flexible at all and I would definitely find it quite hard to concentrate on my breathing for an hour.  But anyway, one for all and all for one – if the other girls try it I was going to as well.

The yoga teacher was a real charmer, and as the first minutes passed her calmness and relaxed attitude overtook me. While I did not became a yoga expert – hell, I fell twice during the class – but I was pleasantly surprised. I assumed there would be all kinds of yoga fanatics who would take pity on me for not being able to do the ’lotus’ position and be angry with me for disturbing their peace with my continuous painful sighs, but I was completely wrong. Everyone was helpful, one lady even gave me tips for finding a better balance. I really enjoyed the fact that nobody took this class too seriously, and this was it could really be about having a fun time relaxing in a calming enviroment.


Sara’s thoughts

The day we choose for practicing Jalagati yoga was not the perfect for me. It was also not the perfect week or even the perfect month. The reason? I was so stressful and I had a lot of things to do those days I just thought that I wouldn’t enjoy the class. I arrived at the class a few minutes after 7 pm –meeting time –running, sweeting and without breath; I had to ran to go there because, as I said, I had a really busy day.

The first minutes, while we were stretching passed really slow for me: “That’s jalagati yoga?” I thought “What a waste of time and money!”, but slowly it changes and so did I. When I realized, half of the class time had passed and actually was enjoying the activity! What a change! I had some problems with some figures and some positions, but nobody really care, everybody were focus only on their own and they didn’t mind if I did something wrong (It was my first class after all). Actually, the “focus on yourself part” was the most difficult for me, because I was all the time looking around and trying to improve my movements by copying other’s; the teacher said twice “just pay attention to your own body”, she said it in general, but I know she was talking to me indeed… ups!

In the second half of the class we did more difficult movements; I had some issues with some of them and I realize I was no longer as flexible as I was before (I am working on it since then). For me, it was amazing how 50 and 60 year old people could have some amazing balance, strength and flexibility, and they told me that they achieve that only going to Jalagati yoga and some of them also went to Pilates. The end of the class consist on some relaxing exercises and I almost fall sleep in the end! When we came out I was totally relaxed and I felt great. It was a good way to be away from all my problems and duties for an hour and just stay calm and relaxed… that was exactly what I needed

You can see the interview to Svilvi, the yoga instructor, here

Lee Marie, Kovács Villo, Ramos Sara


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