What about organizing a birthday surprise?

A birthday surprise. Everybody loves it! Out of the blue your friends give you a cake, gifts or whatever they have prepared in order to surprise you. But the preparation of this surprise can also be really awkward or even an embarrassing situation that you want to forget!

Here, in Budapest, as an Erasmus student, I live with two lovely flat mates (lucky me!). One girl from Poland named Edyta and one girl from Holland named Natasha. So, Natasha had birthday the previous week and we decided to organize a birthday surprise for her.
We bought her a present, many balloons and a birthday cake. The plan was really easy. In the morning, when she  wake up, we would give her the birthday cake and the house would be decorated with many balloons. So, we blew up  the balloons from the previous night and we hid them in my room. “Your door must be closed all the time. She cannot see them!”, Edyta mentioned. Okay, that seems to be easy, I thought. By the way, that day Natasha’s mom had arrived, so both of them were really busy and the apartment was empty.

bdLate at that night, somebody knocked my door. “Rodiana, I’m Natasha”. A scream came out of my mouth. “WAIT, WAIT!”. I was really anxious because I didn’t want everything to get ruined. I opened my door slowly and Natasha saw only my head! She was looking at me and surely she was thinking what the hell is wrong with me! ‘Can you please give me bed sheets for my mom?” she asked. With a wide smile on my face, pretending that everything was cool, I said: Sure! And I closed the door almost in her face. I was really rude. Again I opened the door, and I only showed her my hand, holding the stupid bed sheets. I will never forget her face! She was looking at me like I’m an alien, or a murderer who wanted to hide a dead body!
Thank god she hadn’t seen anything and the next morning we went to her bedroom wearing our pajamas, holding her cake and singing “Happy Birthday”!

bnThen, I explained her why I was being so rude and of course she understood me, but I will remember this embarrassing, yet funny moment forever!
Rodiana Adamidi


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