What goes around comes around

8eea64e0563590b07a4d93537eb2851fI’ve always been a lazy person. You know, that kind of person who is too lazy to do anything – tidy the room, do some sports, even to cook something. If you are like me, you should be aware of the dangerous power of karma. Yes, Karma. That unmistakable force that makes sure good actions are rewarded and bad actions, punished.

I didn’t kill anybody obviously, but trust me; Karma works even with lazy people and it punished me even in Budapest!

My apartment in Budapest is totally nice except for the doorbell, which actually doesn’t exist. I must use a key to come in and to come out of the building. This could be a problem when you have guests or friends at home who might have to wake up at weird hours in the early morning.

Yes, you got it; in those situations I must accompany my friends downstairs and open the main doorway even if it’s at 5 am. You can imagine that for a lazy person who sleeps at least 8 hour per night, that is completely impossible for me to wake me up early in the morning. I found a solution though – let my friends leave the key in the mailbox fixed at the doorway.

I’ve tried the new tactic with a friend of mine, she slept at my apartment and then she left the keys in the mailbox according to my instructions. Few times later, when I was leaving the apartment I put my hand in the mailbox, but nothing was inside. Someone stole the keys. The first thing that my flatmates and I thought was – Oh no, our computers, cameras, money!!

Days passed and nothing happened and I’ve convinced myself that perhaps the dustman threw away the keys with the trash for some mysterious reason.

Meanwhile, I had to make a new copy of the keys and the first place that I found was at the Astoria metro station. – Bad idea! – Beware of a strange man standing in a small shop with lots of keys hanging and wearing violet eyeglasses. My new pair of keys let me only get in and not get out – basically, I was trapped in my own apartment.

During that time I was always late because I had to always wait for a polite neighbour to open the door (and all my neighbours speak only Hungarian). I decided to try my luck and adjust the keys using my nail file – which sounds weird now that I am recounting it – but it didn’t work, so I had to make a new copy in the end.

After that, I thought that maybe Karma was a foolish belief, but now I have the proof that Karma works – my flatmate lost her keys in the exact same way.  And she is a lazy person as well.

Federica Benvenuto

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