Budapest, a place for young artist

Judit Lilla Molnár is a very interesting young Hungarian artist, student at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and member of The Studio of Young Artists’ Association (SYAA) in Budapest. The SYAA is an independent organization which aims to facilitate the emergence and the work of its members in the cultural and artistic life. The last collaboration between the SYAA and Judit is in Protekt, a reflection on the many parallel narratives of Hungarian society. 

We asked Lilla about the Hungarian art education and situation, her past works and upcoming plans and perspectives.


You are still attending the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest. Do you think that the University is helpful to introduce artists in the art market?

My answer to the question is partly yes and partly no. In many ways, we have an advantage over the rural schools of Art, because we are in the capital city, but we do not get help from the university specifically. Perhaps the possibility of networking is the biggest advantage that the university provides us with, and there are some platforms where the curators and gallerists may find artworks. Of course the most important of these is the diploma show, but the end of the year exhibitions are also quite popular.

Tell us about your work as an artist. Do you recognize any development in style and poetic lately?

My artistic interest is motivated by conceptual art and it is often critical too, which is always based on personal observations. In my opinion the presence of a personal tone besides the message, being hidden or direct in the work, is essential. I can’t classify my artworks into one style either, since I choose the right technique and media to the theme. However, I always try get inspiration from life, so a significant part of my works are socially sensitive.

You have just taken part in “Protekt” at the SYAA. Can you talk about the exhibition and the presence of your work?

This exhibition deals with a very important subject, and I am happy to be a part of it. The curators Vanda Sárai and Ferenc Margl have created an exhibition, which reflects to diversification of Hungarian society and to the conflicting irreconcilable narratives. However, it avoids the one-sided political approach. My two works; the Playground and the Silence raise the issues of education policy and existential questions in the exhibition. I don’t want to give answers and solutions to these problems of the Hungarian society, I just would like to draw attention to their importance.

What is your relation with the Studio of Young Artist Association? How did you know them and what do you think about their organization?

I am a junior (under 35) member of the association since 2012, and I applied for more exhibition possibilities here. Several of my friends are also among the members, so I knew the Studio by them primarily, but the SYAA is a very important helpful community to the entrant young artists, so of course I heard about it earlier. In addition, it offers many tender opportunities for members and it plays a serious role in shaping the community.

Can you explain the situation of the Hungarian young artist? What kind of difficulties or opportunities do they have in Budapest?

It seems to me that today is a difficult time for the young artists in Hungary. After graduation, they grapple with the fact that their diploma is good for nothing, but somehow they have to earn money for the costs of living. Moreover, they must create artworks, as well. The art market does not guarantee a secure livelihood, not even for those, who managed to contract with a commercial gallery. They mostly cannot count on state support in the current situation of cultural policy. Nevertheless, anyone who wants to survive, must create and at least it stays in Budapest. Here you can get a better chance of a job opportunity, and you can keep in touch with people in the art world better than in the provinces.

Do you have any plans for the future? Are you going to continue your work in Budapest or you want to try others working experience abroad?

After getting my degree in painting I want to fulfill a one-year teacher training at the university, maybe I can get a better chance to find a job with this qualification. And I want to apply for more tenders. I really like to live in Budapest, so I don’t intend in any way to move back to my parents in Eastern Hungary, but I would like to try other working experiences abroad too. The different residency programs provide a good opportunity for which I will be sure to apply.

protekt 02

You can keep yourself updated about her most interesting works by following her blog ( and know more about Protekt and the upcoming exhibition of the SYAA here: (

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