About The Bloggers


Maxine Bramley

Born in Germany, raised in Ireland. I am a 21 year old journalism and new media student doing the Erasmus programme here in Budapest. I’m ready to look at this stunning and colourful city through a fresh new lense as a foreigner, to uncover Budapest’s hidden treasures that the typical tourist and even accustomed local may otherwise overlook.




Boglárka Szabó

Hey, my name is Bogi and I am a liberal arts student majoring in film studies at ELTE. I love arts, culture and playing the guitar and if I’m not in front row at one of my fave artists’ concert somewhere around Europe, Im probably watching TV shows or horror movies but definitely listening to music all the time. I love Budapest, because it’s such a beautiful and lively city, always offering something new to explore.




Virág Natália Szűcs

Hi all, I’m Nat, grew up in the suburbs far far away, found my natural habitat downtown. When I first heard the tram passing by, making the whole flat tremble a little, I had no doubt that I’d just felt the heartbeat of Budapest. I have an obsession with bridges – and basically everything else that connects places with each other. The only thing that goes in more directions at once than my hair is my mind, these curls are just my thoughts continued.




Sophia Fischer

Whether it is the violinist in the tube station, the cities concert hall or the open stage of a random bar. Being a music addict and a daydreamer at once, you’ll probably find me in any of those places being all excited or losing track of time. Lucky I have more than enough time to do so as I’m spending half a year as an Erasmus – student in Budapest. Back home in Germany I study music journalism which is one of the reasons why I’m talking and writing about everything that comes to my mind or ears.




Mónika Kara

Hey everyone, my name is Móni, and I’m a 21-year-old student living in Budapest. I’m studying Communication and Media studies at ELTE, which is kind of like my dream, because since I can read and write, communication plays a big role in my life, so after the university I want to become a journalist. My other passions are food, fashion and music. I love Budapest, I think it’s such a wonderful city full of opportunities.




Agnieszka Grzybowska

Hey! My name is Agnieszka, but I prefer it when you say “Aga”. I come from Poland and I’m 23 years old. I study Polish studies at AMU in Poznań and here at ELTE. I concentrate on language and journalism as well. My greatest passion is photography and travel. That’s why I am here and I try to look at Budapest through the prism of the camera. I love everything what is around me – architecture, people, different culture and… food of course! Budapest is a beautiful city and I’m really glad to be here!




Sophie Emilie Beha

Actually from a small town in the deepest province in Bavaria, I feel in Budapest overwhelmed by magnificent pompous houses, music on every street corner and the gigantic Danube. At home in Germany I study musicjournalism and therefore have a special interest in culture of all kinds. Happy to be by accident in Budapest and looking forward to what is coming.





Diede Kruijsen

Hi everyone! My name is Diede.I am a 20 year old communication student from the Netherlands. It’s my dream to travel the world and to discover as many beautiful places as possible, like Budapest. Some of the best things in life, according to me, are elephants, going to the beach, delicious food and great friends.





Anne Wehry

I`m an erasmus student from Germany and I love to explore Budapest. Doing sports, discovering new bars and restaurants and hanging out with my friends are my biggest passions. I can’t wait to see all the hidden and secret spots of this city, that only a citizen can find.





Lili Rutai

I am Lili, third year journalism student at ELTE. As I travel a lot, I know how nice it is to have a guide, who would talk you through the city. I was born and raised Budapest. I love its diversity, authenticity and the way it changes from day to day. Let me introduce you to this amazing city!




Laura Balázs

I’m a 20-year-old hungarian student who lives in an unknown little town but fortunately attend the well-known ELTE in Budapest. Commuting by train is the hobby I just can’t give up but I also sing and play the piano sometimes. Nevertheless studying in Budapest is totally worth the effort for me because the city has my two favourite things: close shops and people who are willing to drink a good beer at almost any time of the year.





Hannah Masche

Hi, my name is Hannah and I am a 25-year-old girl from Germany, Cologne. I love food, music, beer and traveling (I know, everybody loves that!). I think that Budapest is the perfect city for me, because here’s very good food, many bars or clubs and you can travel to all the countries around. I’m looking forward to that time here!






Richárd Németh

I’m a 23-year-old Hungarian from the Golden Triangle of Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava, learning Communication and Media Studies at ELTE. Actually I’m a real fan of sports, especially of ball games and gastronomy, as I beleive that nothing works with an empty stomach.






Krisztina Salló

I am a master’s student from Romania. Before finding this interesting and current field of study, Communication and media studies, I attended to fine arts school in Transylvania. The fact that this is the third time I chose Budapest for study mobility proves how great this city is.






Kim Lena Wilken

Hello! I’m Kim and at the time of writing this I’m a twenty-something student from Cologne currently based in Budapest. I have a perchant for Game of Thrones, gender topics and greasy lángos. There isn’t much more to know, so I guess I can wrap up the ‘About the Blogger’ section in two short sentences, can’t I?





Patrizia Tensing

Describing yourself in a few sentences is never easy. I would start by saying that I’m a coffee enthusiast who loves to go out with friends, travel and learn about new cultures. Also, I love food and you’ll always find me eating or at least talking about food. Good thing is that I can do all of these things here in Budapest. I’m really looking forward to exploring the city for the next five months and sharing some of my impressions with you.




Maria Jara

I’m a Spanish traveler who has stopped for a long time in Budapest. I’m collecting pieces of the countries I visit, trying to understand how the world works. But at the same time I realize that people’s goals are identical despite of the point of departure. That’s why I’m as happy in Budapest as I am at home.





Rebeka Dávid

Probably you are going to find me being lost or in the most random places of planet Earth or maybe just in Budapest, trying to make some order in my life. That means that I’m always busy with at least 3 things at the same time but I would make a break for my little turtle, Javier Peña anytime.




Chiara Timbone

I‘m a 21-year-old life lover from Germany who has caught the travel bug and can’t get enough of the world. As much as I enjoy hanging out with my loved ones, what I love even more is telling them about what I have found after I got lost once again. If you ever have the possibility to catch me, it is most likely for you to do so in Italian restaurants, fashion boutiques or on stage consciously making a fool of myself.





Nisan Sir

I am a 22-year-old Media and Communication student from Turkey. I am traveling with my backpack and living with nature love. Reading books and exploring nature, cultures and cities cover a large part of my life. That’s why I am here in my dream city Budapest!



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