True colors


It was my first night out in town. Two of my best friends from Debrecen came to visit, and to be honest they knew the downtown and the nightlife better than me at the time. All was set up for the making of crazy stories – and hopefully memories, too…

We planned a pub crawl, but failed badly, since we found the perfect place right around the corner upon getting off the tram, and the decoration and the drinks were all so colorful that we just refused to leave.

After having my first ever cocktail at 19, somewhere in the 6th district, and then having another one, and another one… I got an idea. There were some guys sitting by the table next to ours, and they went outside to smoke a cig, revealing the freshly ordered shots of all colors of the rainbow on their table.

That was all I needed. I asked my friends (both girls, too) to talk to the guys when they get back. Even though my shyness was already left somewhere at the bottom of a glass I emptied, I didn’t want to ask them myself – them thinking I want anything else other than the name of the thing they are drinking would have been the last thing I wanted. After all, it was a girls’ night.

I heard the reply from the door already: “We have nooo idea! But it’s on us!” So we decided to sit together and have the conversation together from then on. The tables have quite literally turned, but we didn’t mind. “I’m about to lift my spirits!”-I exclaimed, and with that I poured two, of course differently colored shots in my mouth.

I’d never been to any kind of pub, but our new friends looked nothing like how I imagined party goer guys looking. Turned out, I was right. And I was -we were- very lucky. According to them, they were all studying to be engineers, but each of them a different field. The loudest one told me his major was theoretical physics – and, what a godsend, physics was my favorite subject at high school which I’d just finished, I was so hyped about how energy works that my tests came out better than those of the biggest nerd in our class.

After we went on and on about science, I turned to him, and said something I’m proud of even this day. “Have you ever noticed that a sinus and a cosinus in the same coordinate system looks like a DNA spiral?” I was just bragging, but he took it as the best pick up line he’s ever heard. He couldn’t resist asking what my name was. I wore a letter medal with an N on it on my necklace. One of my friends was quicker than me and started trying to be mysterious like “Her name starts with N, and ends with A.”

The guy looked at me for a few seconds, then said “Judging by the smile on your face, it’s probably Nirvana.” I smiled even more, and said “Actually it’s Natália, but thanks for a great idea!” We stayed until the pub closed and the sun came up. The guys ordered a cab for all of us, traveled with us for a little while, and made sure we found the tram that would take us home. I only years later realized how many things happened perfectly that could have gone really really wrong, and this just makes me love the whole story even more.


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