The Jewish Quarter

Why I love the Jewish Quarter? Because it has a really unique and incomparable charm! The first things I did in Budapest were nearly all happening in the Jewish Quarter. My first Hungarian meal, my first Hungarian beer and my first experience with a Pub Crawl.

Before the second world war, the VII. district was the center of the Jewish community. In March 1944 the Nazi occupation of Budapest began and then the Jewish ghetto was formed, where Jews were forced to relocate by a decree of the Hungarian government. During the war the whole district was completely damaged and the Jewish population was reduced from approximately 200.000 to 70.000. In January 1945 the ghetto was finally liberated and reconstructed. Nowadays the Jewish Quarter is a famous meeting place for people who like to party and it turned into one of the most popular districts of Budapest.

When I arrived in the city, where my Erasmus semester starts, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to see and to do first. It was my first time in Budapest, so I decided to just go outside without a plan and let the impressions sink in. After I walked a while, I suddenly standed in front of a huge wall of an old building which was colorful painted. I was really impressed by the mix of something new and old. So, I moved on and found more of the buildings with the street-art. The whole district was really spectacular: Decrepit houses, small narrow streets, cute restaurants and the famous ruin bars, I heard about.


A few days later I participated in a pub crawl. We walked with a small group of approximate ten people from one bar to another. That was my first experience with a pub crawl and I really enjoyed it, because I met so many people and it was a lot of fun. We visited five or six pubs and played different (drinking) games. It was a really cool evening!

The next day me and my friends wanted to eat something typical Hungarian. So, we went to a small restaurant called Drum Café. The menu was filled with different Hungarian three-course menus for about 1000 HUF. I ordered the vegetarian one and it was really tasty and very cheesy – perfect hangover meal!

And of course, we also needed to visit the most famous ruin pub: Szimpla Kert! I love this place, because it totally transformed from day to night. During the day you can have lunch there or just drink a coffee and, in the evening, it becomes a location to meet your friends after a long day and drink a beer or listen to live music. This is definitely one of my favorite places in Budapest!


Meanwhile the Jewish Quarter becomes a place, where I always go when I want to take a walk, have a lunch, drink some beers with my friends or just want to see the amazing street-Art. I am looking forward to discover all the corners and spots in this district!


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