About The Girl’s Restroom

Do you remember the last time you got a compliment that made your day? If you don’t, I know the best place for you.

So I am not a weird person at all, I swear. I don’t want to talk about what a female toilet looks like or something like that. I would like to write about my experience and the atmosphere in the girl’s restroom. (Not that kind of experience, most of you first think of) Because guess what, in there I got the greatest compliments ever in my life, and I think you should know why.

Well, first of all, this text doesn’t speak about every restroom in the world, only about the special ones. These fancy WCs exist only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night in some bars of the city. And the most important components – what makes these bathrooms so extra – are the drunk girls. Yep, the girls, who are drinking, having fun and going to parties.
But what happens in the female toilet exactly? If you are a girl and you went out at least once in your life, you can probably imagine what am I talking about. But if you are part of the other half of the world’s population, and you are curious or ever wondered about this thing, then today you will finally find answers to your questions.

(The first question would probably be this: Why do girls go to the bathroom in pairs? In most cases, because we have to talk about what happened during the night until then, we have some private thoughts about the people in our group or we just want to take a selfie.)

So I have never ever experienced a more supportive and positive community, than the drunk girls in the restroom. They are so nice and kind. Always have some beautiful compliments for you. And honestly, I really love this strong bond between girls, like a real sisterhood.


I have gone out for years, and I saw almost every kind of situation there. There were tears (of course some other type of fluid too) and smiles. I heard a lot of stories about breakups, boyfriend problems or just friend problems. They told me the happiest and the saddest or the worst moments of their life. And of course, I talked about these problems to some random girls myself as well. One night when I was depressed and I felt worthless I got a beautiful compliment and so much supportive words. I felt awful that day but after just 5 minutes in the restroom, I was able to smile again and I was so much happier than before.

I know that in normal, everyday life there are a lot of times when women talk badly about each other or they can’t be happy for the other ones success. And I think this is  horrible. We have to support each other, cause if we don’t do it no one else will. For the biggest amount of men, this support is natural, but for women it isn’t. During these nights the whole thing changes. And it’s so wonderful.

We have never seen each other before and we will probably never see each other again, but in that moment for one second, we are like best friends. We tell secrets and give advice to the other one and moreover, we cheer for the unknown girls.
Somewhere I read, that the world could be a better place if we talked and supported each other like the drunk girls in the female bathroom. I believe in this phrase a hundred percent; it could be a better world and I would like to live a place like that.

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