Far from home – about a totally new experience

A very cheerful person who lives in Como and studies in Milan. Sociable, helpful and talkative. When I arrived to Budapest, she immediately offered me a glass of water or a cup of tea. Thus, she made me feel at home. The third home in my life. Let me introduce you Marta from Italy.


It is the first time for you to be an Erasmus student and also it is the first time you live away from home. You are far from your family, boyfriend and friends. What was the beginning like? Did you feel scared when you left your hometown?

I came to Budapest alone because I wanted to experience the “first impact” with the city by myself and without any distraction. Before the departure I was really excited and I couldn’t wait to leave, but the very first day in town was a little bit scary. I felt alone as I didn’t know other students and my flatmates didn’t arrived yet. Probably the hardest thing to deal with was the language. My English was not fluent and I didn’t know any hungarian word.

Do you feel at home in Budapest? What is helping you?

I spent a week in Budapest for holidays a few years ago and I fell in love with the city and the atmosphere. The choice was not difficult at all, I was 100% sure about Budapest. I met a lot of people from all over the world and suddenly they have become my family. This makes me feel at home, even if sometimes I miss my home city.

Do you have any favorite place or dish that you miss the most?

Well, I miss Italian cuisine very much, but I can find almost everything I need to cook here. Sometimes I really miss the landscape of Lake Como and the mountains.

Did you have any expectations going to Hungary for Erasmus?

Budapest is well known for its nightlife, so I expected big parties and lots of fun. I’m not disappointed at all. I also knew Corvinus had a great fame and I must say it’s true. Teachers have a high level of knowledge and speak English perfectly.

What are your favorite places in Budapest?

I love nature so Gellert Hill and Margaret Island are my favourite places. I also love a small café in the Jewish district where I can spend my afternoon studying. Matthias church is probably my favourite building, I love it’s roof and the colours, it’s so different from any other church I know.

Nowadays going abroad to study is really common. But also there are a lot of – let’s say bad – stereotypes about the people who spend their academic year abroad. Erasmus – what does this word mean to you?

Discovering the world, yourself and finding new horizons! It may sound like a motto but this is what it means to me for now. I’ve been meeting many students from all over the world, thus improving my knowledge of different countries and cultures. I had the opportunity to share my culture and my passions. I discovered so many things about myself, I couldn’t even imagine before leaving.

Do you think that your Erasmus stay taught you anything brand new?

I’m having the opportunity to study in a university which has a completely different teaching method with respect to my home university. This is one of the most important things from an academic point of view. I’m also studying in English, which is new for a student used to classes in italian language. From a personal perspective, as I mentioned before, I’m learning so many things about the world and myself. Living without parents is also a new experience. Maybe it’s still too early to say this, bit I feel much more secure and self confident than I was before. I feel I can face any problem with my strength. I’m also more friendly and likely to start new adventures without any fear.


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