Budapest, you are amazing!

Despite the fact that I’ve been living in the capital since I was born, I didn’t know how beautiful and special my city is until I started to discover it when I was 17.

During my childhood, I was moving only in a little area of the city, and it never came to mind that I should discover what’s behind my “borders”. I remember when I first used the public transport alone, I felt like an adult, it was really exciting for me. And then, when I was 13, I had to use it on a daily basis as my high school was far away from my home. It was my first step to discover the city, but I can’t say I went out so often. I don’t know why, I was just scared, and didn’t feel the rush to go to any party, event or something like that.

Then, when I was 17, a miracle happened! After 4 successful shows, we went out to celebrate with my drama club, and guess what? I had a really good time with my friends! Okay, don’t think that I stayed for so long, but I was so proud of myself! We went to a pub, and then just wandered on the streets while talking and laughing. This has made me a bit more fearless, which was a great start for me. Now I’m really sad because due to my fears, I only started to visit the famous and popular places very late, which is a shame, now I know, but no one can change the past. Since then I have tried to make up for my shortage, and I think I have done a great job! Now, 5 years later, as I walk in the streets of Budapest, I always have to realise that I have stories from all around it! Now I want to share some of them with you too. I hope they will be inspiring.


One of my favourite places in the city is Margaret Island. I really love that it’s calm and beautiful, and I was there with so many of my friends that I have a story from almost every corner of it. My first photo shoot took place there as well, and the pictures are like a dream! Beautiful colours, beautiful flowers and environment and so much fun! That photoshoot was so successful that we went back two times that summer to take other pictures.

For my next story, we don’t need to go so much further. During warm summer nights, I really like walking through the Margaret bridge with the amazing view on each side. I first discovered this stunning experience after I watched a movie with a friend near Astoria. As we came out from the building, the weather was so nice that we decided to walk a little. ( I have to admit that I’m in love with the evening view of the city, it’s so amazing!). And from the little walk, it turned out that we found ourselves on the bank of Danube talking and laughing, and after a while, we were next to the bridge. I realised two things; I didn’t know these two places are that close to each other, and that this walk is so amazingly beautiful. It always enchants me, I never get bored of it. One of my favourite memories from here is when we wanted to surprise a friend who was about to move abroad, and we waited for her in the middle of the bridge because she really loved the view from there. It was so touching how she realised all of her friends were there to say their goodbyes!


Gellérthegy is another famous and often visited place among the tourists and the Hungarians as well with its nice view of the city, but I only discovered it when I was 18, and we had Italian exchange student here to visit. We wanted to show them the most popular places of Budapest, and I don’t need to say that I was surprised too. And then, last fall, we went there with my friend to take some photos again in the beautiful nature, and we must have seemed like professionals because some tourists stopped next to us and started to take pictures of us taking photos. It was really funny, it gave a good morale to the next 2-3 hours!

And I could go on for hours… A lemonade at Bálna, a dinner, and dance with my high school teachers at Kopaszi gát, a walk in the Buda castle, a Fashion week at Várkert Bazár… As you can see, I have grown to the experience and I’m brave enough to go almost anywhere. All I needed to do is to move out from my comfort zone. It’s not easy to take the first step, but worth it.

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