Károlyi garden, the downtown Paradise

When we were chatting about our project, making a photo reportage about Budapest 100 – The festival of 100+ years old buildings, me and my teammate both had the same idea: “Let’s meet in the Károlyi garden!” It’s a favourite spot of both of us, it’s near the uni, and it’s impossible not to find it something straight out of a fairytale. We just had to share it. It was full of people, full of life, and full of springtime happiness that made it perfect for taking pictures!

People, greenery, lights, and a cute dog! Can you say idyll?


One of the houses on the square. 1810, you read that right!


“I made this.”


The sun lit the buildings just right. It looked like a little wonderland.


Entrance to the Petőfi Literary Museum…


…You can learn about books and feel like a princess in the same building. Girl power goals or what?


Could you tell this is not in the suburbs?


Want to wear Budapest? Dye a shirt!


Do you recognize the pattern? It’s worth paying attention to what’s under your feet, isn’t it?


Infos everywhere. You could read it while the birds were singing. A lovely way to do research!


Would you want to go in?


We did!


It was open for everyone to see. “THIS HOUSE IS CELEBRATING TOO”


Food, photography, and lot of energy. We had no chance to be bored.


Ruin bar vibes!




The meeting of two eras. (Was staring at the photograper staring at the old camera for a pretty minute…)


Wonder if the people living here will ever get tired of seeing their name on this piece of art or not…




Back in Paradise!


Walking sightseeing tour.


Classy Sunday bruch going on…



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