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Nan or pitta? Tortilla or bun? I can’t decide whats best but in Hungary the best gyros I’ve had has been served in a soft white tortilla. The skill of the people who make these tasty treats can not be underestimated, the swish and flash of a long sharp knife that shaves of the tasty morsels that fall to reveal the next layer to be coloured and crisped. A deft hand collects the bread and holds it against the flat gas upright grill for a matter of seconds to soften and crisp but never to burn. “Spicy? Onions?” who could say no, with swift and decisive movements, a flick and a twist, meat, lettuce, salads of red cabbage and onions as well as chilly sauce and a splash of yoghurt and mint are combined and twisted together before being wrapped in tinfoil and with one last hiss against the grill handed over.

It’s messy and saucy, for those with small mouths it can a bit of a, well mouthful. But the flavours of deep caremelised meat, springy spicy oniony salads and a slick of sweet mint jacked yogurt combine to be one of the most delicious street foods you can buy. And that the cost is almost 2 Euro makes them especially dangerous, I often feel the need to have one on my way home from the pub, but you need one to walk with and one to enjoy when you get home and even though they are relatively healthy compared to some of the things you can get in Budapest I’m sure that they’re not actually good for you. But not only will it make you feel better in the morning after a night out at one of the many stunningly student friendly bars, if you eat one or two on the way home, they also make a rather good hangover cure then next day as well. Other things to bare in mind are that, “Spicy” is not that spicy, if you like asian food it can be a little disappointing, if you like your food really hot but by no means does that subtract from the saucy decadence that is “Gyros”.


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