Street food tour

In our previous article, we showed you two street food places, Zing burger and Leves and how they became so famous thanks to the co-owners. Now, in this next part, we want to show you 7 other places near Astoria, Kálvin and Deák Ferenc square that are also special for various reasons. And, of course, all of them are super tasty. So prepare your stomach and let the street food journey begin!


  1. Bors

Bors was founded in 2012, and they call themselves a gastro bar. It’s a little shop where there are only a few chairs to sit on, but in front of the store there is always a long queue. But trust me, it’s worth the wait. The food is very special and they have permanent and temporary offers. The most popular things to eat are sandwiches and soups, but they


also sell pastas and desserts. My two favourite sandwiches are called Barack Obama, which contains peach (which is “barack” in Hungarian) along with duck meat, cheese and onion, and an Italian styled sandwich which tastes like a delicious pizza. But without a doubt, their soups are the most special. They change the menu daily and they usually serve sweet soups, but not as you may think. They had “Túró rudi” soup, which is one of Hungary’s most famous sweets, Nutella soup, soup that tasted like a cheesecake… We have tried it, and we fell in love immediately!

In our opinions, despite the fact that it’s not a big shop, it’s one of Budapest’s greatest street food places which you have to try while you are in the capital.

  1. Bamba marha   

Bamba mbamba2arha is a franchise in Hungary which was founded in 2015, and now they have 4 shops around the city to sell the delicious and special burgers, like Elvis burger or jalapeno burger, but you can also find the simple cheeseburger or hamburger, which are actually not so simple. We tried the one at Deák square which was the first street food hamburger place in the fashion street. I personally really liked that you can buy a menu which contains a hamburger of your choice, a heap of fresh fries, a sauce for example ketchup or mayo and a drink like home made sirup or apple wine. The place itself has several tables to sit, and the waiters bring your food on wooden trays. Because the burgers are so juicy, all of the tables are full of napkins, which is really kind and also funny. So prepare your tummy, it’s gonna be juicy and tasty, and especially messy!

  1. Töltő   

Töltő was founded in 2015 and the name comes from the process of making the sausages. (tölt means to fill in Hungarian). It’s a place where you can taste many kinds of sausages with homemade fries. We tried the one with sundried tomato and it was delicious. It is served with homemade Hungarian bread, pesto, mascarpone, cherry tomatoes and arugula. This place is ideal for those who want to try the traditional Hungarian food with a little twist.

  1. Arriba Taqueria

Arriba is a very famous franchise in Hungary, you can find their shops in many places in the city. It’s ideal for those who like the Mexican flavour. You can find different types of burritos, tacos and quesadillas, and the good news is that they have takeaway service, so if you want to eat something delicious, but don’t want to eat in, they solve this problem farribaor you.

We tried the tortilla soup, which reminded us of meat soup with the taste of tortilla filling. Then, we had some tacos that were  served with sour cream, salsa sauce and lime. It was good too, but you have to be careful with the onion and the salsa as it can get very spicy..!

  1. Budapest bagel

This shop is unique, as in Hungary, bagel is not so common. It’s a littlebagel2 place not far away from Kálvin square, and when I go there, I always have some retro feeling about the place. There are only a few chairs to sit on inside, but when the weather is nice, they put out tables and chairs, so you can enjoy the sun while eating a delicious sandwich. This is exactly what we did. We tried the simple cream cheese bagel with vegetables, but there are also special kinds of it, and they consider vegetarians as well, so they sell bagels with grilled eggplant or avocado, but you can also find sweet ones.

It’s a really tasty option when you are in a hurry, and you don’t want to eat too much, but you want something delicious and special. Trust us, we got some stares from the people when we ate those things! I’m pretty sure that we gave them a great idea what and where to eat next. 

  1. Jack’s burger

Jack’s burger is another Hungarian franchise with 6 shops in Budapest and around the city to sell their delicious food. Their main profile is the hamburger, which is made for American example, bujackt fish&chips from England, pizza from Italy and sausage from Hungary also can be found on the menu. Their philosophy is that they want to make good food with quality in maximum 5 minutes, just in front of your eyes. The place has a friendly atmosphere with many wooden tables and chairs, so it’s ideal if you want to eat your lunch in a calm environment.

We tried the cheeseburger with fries and it was ready according to the philosophy in 5 minutes and also fresh and delicious. It’s worth a try when you want to eat a good burger in no time and for a low price, but quality is also important for you.

  1. Don Doko Don

This is a brand new place in Budapest, it was opened in February, but quickly became very popular. It’s a unique thing as it’s one of the first Japanese street food places in Budapest.

We chose a menu, in which we tried the traditional donmiso soup with mushroom-onion-alga topping, and then the gyu don, which contains beef, rice, stewed onion, ginger and soy sauce, and niku-man, which is a traditional Japanese dumpling with swine and ginger inside. This meal was topped off with the cold green tea which was amazing!



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